1 Chronicles 3:17

1 Chronicles 3:17

And the sons of Jeconiah
For though he was pronounced childless, ( Jeremiah 22:30 ) , that respects not his having no children in any sense, but none to succeed him in the kingdom:

which signifies bound, or a prisoner, because, as Kimchi thinks, he was born in a prison, his father then being a captive in Babylon; but rather it refers to Jeconiah himself, and is an appellation of him, and to be rendered,

the sons of Jeconiah the captive:
which agrees best with the Hebrew accents:

Salathiel his son;
the same that is called Shealtiel, ( Haggai 1:1 ) who was both the proper son of Jeconiah, and who succeeded him, as some think, in the honour and dignity the king of Babylon raised him to.

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