1 Chronicles 4:41

1 Chronicles 4:41

And these written by name
Before in ( 1 Chronicles 4:34-37 ) ,

came in the days of Hezekiah king of Judah;
as Dr. Lightfoot F13 thinks, not within the first fourteen years of his reign, when the Syrian army was abroad, and none dost peep out, but in his last fifteen years, when the army was destroyed and gone:

and smote their tents;
the tents of those who dwelt there for the sake of feeding their flocks, and whose pasturage the Simeonites wanted:

and the habitations that were found there;
or the Meunaim or Maonites, which the Septuagint Version here calls Mineans, a people sometimes mentioned along with the Philistines, and others: see ( Judges 10:11 Judges 10:12 ) ( 1 Chronicles 26:6 1 Chronicles 26:7 )

and destroyed them utterly unto this day:
to the writing of this book; they had not then recovered their possessions:

and dwelt in their room, because there was pasture there for their
which was the thing they were in search of.


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