1 Chronicles 5:20

1 Chronicles 5:20

And they were helped against them
The Israelites were helped against the Ishmaelites, to fight with them, and overcome them; either by their brethren of the house of Israel, as the Targum, those on this side Jordan; or rather by the Lord, to whom they cried, and who was entreated by them as follows:

and the Hagarites were delivered into their hand, and all that [were]
with them;
they and their confederates and auxiliaries, the Ituraeans, &c.

for they cried to God in the battle;
which at first seems to have gone against them; and they prayed to God, as the Targum, while they were fighting, that he would appear for them, and give them victory:

and he was entreated of them;
he received their prayer, as the same paraphrase; he heard them, and answered them:

because they put their trust in him;
in his power and providence, and not in their own strength, courage, and military skill; the Targum is,

``because they trusted in his word.''