1 Chronicles 6:31

1 Chronicles 6:31

And these are they
Who follow; the account of whom begins ( 1 Chronicles 6:33 ) ,

whom David set over the service of the song in the house of the Lord:
whom he appointed chief musicians, and masters of the chorus, to manage and conduct that part of divine service in the sanctuary, singing the praises of God, both with vocal and instrumental music:

after the ark had rest;
which was when it was brought from the house of Obededom to the city of David, and was placed in a tabernacle he provided for it, ( 2 Samuel 6:12-17 ) , where it remained until the temple was built, when and which was the only time it was removed, whereas before it had been removed from place to place, and so till now had no rest; though some understand this of the ceasing or silence of the oracle over the ark, which was neither consulted by Solomon and his successors, nor any of the high priests afterwards F7.


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