1 Chronicles 8:6

1 Chronicles 8:6

And these are the sons of Ehud
Not he that was a judge in Israel, ( Judges 3:15 ) but perhaps a son of Huram the last mentioned; for not the three last are his sons, as some think, but the three following in the next verse; what follows being to be read in a parenthesis:

(these are the heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Geba;)
a city in the tribe of Benjamin, ( Joshua 18:24 ) namely, those sons of Ehud, after mentioned, were principal men in that tribe, and chief of the inhabitants of the city of Geba:

and they removed them to Manahath;
the name of a country referred to in ( 1 Chronicles 2:52 1 Chronicles 2:54 ) according to Jarchi, which was in the tribe of Judah; Geba being too small, either the inhabitants of Geba removed them, or they removed themselves, or their fathers removed them, ( 1 Chronicles 8:7 ) , or it may be read impersonally, they were removed thither for the sake of a better habitation; the Targum adds,

``to the land of the house of Esau,''

to Edom; which is not likely.