1 Corinthians 8:5

1 Corinthians 8:5

For though there be that are called gods
That are so by name, though not by nature; who are called so in Scripture, as angels and magistrates, or by men, who give them such names, and account them so:

whether in heaven;
as the sun, moon, and stars:

or in earth;
as men who formerly lived on earth; or various creatures on earth, who have been accounted deities; or stocks and stones graven by man's device:

as there be gods many:
almost without number, as were among the Egyptians, Grecians, Romans, and others; yea, even among the Jews, who falling into idolatry, their gods were according to the number of their cities, ( Jeremiah 2:28 )

and lords many;
referring to the Baalim, or the several idols that went by the name of Baal, or lord, as Baal Peor, ( Numbers 25:3 ) Baal Zephon, ( Exodus 14:2 ) Baal Zebub, ( 2 Kings 1:2 ) Baal Berith, ( Judges 8:33 ) .