1 Kings 1:14

1 Kings 1:14

Behold, while thou yet talkest there with the king
Before, or by the time she could deliver the above words to him, or such as she should think fit to use, to awaken the king to a concern for the interest of her and her son:

I will also come in after thee;
directly into the king's chamber:

and confirm thy words;
as he could very well do, if he was present as a witness of the oath he had made to her, as well as he could confirm the truth of Adonijah's usurpation; nay, could plead the will and promises of God he had formerly notified to him: or, "fill up thy words" F6, make up what might be wanting in her address to him, in her account of things, or in the arguments used by her; he means, that he would second her in her motion in favour of Solomon, and press the king to take some steps for the security of the succession to him. Nathan knew it was the will of God that Solomon should succeed in the kingdom, he had promised it by him, see ( 2 Samuel 7:12 ) ( 1 Chronicles 21:8 1 Chronicles 21:9 ) ; yet, as a wise and good man, he thought it right to make use of all proper means to attain the end.


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