1 Kings 1:25

1 Kings 1:25

For he is gone down this day
From Jerusalem, which lay high, to the stone of Zoheleth, in Enrogel, which lay in the valley, ( 1 Kings 1:9 ) ;

and hath slain oxen, and fat cattle, and sheep in abundance;
not by way of sacrifice, but for a feast, on account of his coming to the kingdom:

and hath called all the king's sons;
invited them to the entertainment:

and the captains of the host;
or army; not only Joab, it seems, the general of it, but the captains of thousands and hundreds under him, being desirous of engaging the militia in his favour, and which was not an impolitic step:

and Abiathar the priest;
to consult with by Urim and Thummim, and to anoint him, and use his interest with the populace for him, who might be supposed a man of influence, being the high priest of the nation:

and, behold, they eat and drink before him;
they were now at it, at this time, they were not only invited, but they accepted the invitation, and came; which is afore than what was before related:

and say, God save King Adonijah;
they proclaimed and saluted him as king, and drank his health, and wished him all prosperity; and so the Targum,

``may King Adonijah prosper!''