1 Kings 1:39

1 Kings 1:39

And Zadok the priest took an horn of oil out of the
Not out of the tabernacle of Moses, for that was at Gibeon; see ( 1 Chronicles 21:29 ) ; and if the oil had been there, it would have been too far to have fetched it, since haste was now required; but this was taken out of the tabernacle David had built for the ark, ( 2 Samuel 6:17 ) ; where the ark was, and before which the pot of oil was; so Jarchi; but Kimchi indeed says, that though it was at this time at Gibeon, Zadok went thither, or sent thither to fetch it; and though it is said, the pot of oil was set before the ark, this was when the ark was in the tabernacle; but when they took it out from thence at the war with the Philistines, that and the pot of manna were left in the tabernacle; and they took nothing but the ark; but if they brought the pot afterwards, and put it before the ark in Jerusalem, then it may be understood of the tabernacle David pitched for it; but that he disapproves of. Here Zadok is only said to take the oil, and anoint with it; which he did either as the deputy of the high priest, or he was made use of because the high priest was on the side of Adonijah:

and anointed Solomon;
whether it was by pouring it on his head, as Saul was anointed, ( 1 Samuel 10:1 ) ; or, as the Jews say F6, by putting it round about his head in the form of a crown, and then between his eyebrows, is not very material; and they also say F7, that it is not usual to anoint the son of a king that has been anointed; and that the reason of the anointing of Solomon was, because of the sedition of his brother Adonijah, and to confirm the kingdom to him; this anointing was an emblem of the gifts, graces, and virtues, necessary to qualify a king for the discharge of his office:

and they blew the trumpet;
and proclaimed him king:

and all the people said, God save King Solomon;
wished him long life and happiness, and gave him a general huzza or shouting.


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