1 Kings 11:43

1 Kings 11:43

And Solomon slept with his fathers
Died as they did:

and was buried in the city of David his father;
not in Bethlehem, but Zion, ( 1 Kings 2:10 )

and Rehoboam his son reigned in his stead;
of whom more in the following chapter. Though nothing is said of Solomon's repentance, there is no doubt but he was a good man, repented of his sins, and was saved; as may be concluded from the commendations of him after his death, ( 2 Chronicles 11:17 ) from the promise of God that he made, that his mercy should not depart from him, though he chastised him, ( 2 Samuel 7:14 2 Samuel 7:15 ) from his being an inspired writer, who were all holy men, ( 2 Peter 1:20 ) , and especially from his writing the book of Ecclesiastes after his fall, which contains a full acknowledgment of all his evils, a recantation of them, and repentance for them. Abulpharagius F2, an Arabic writer, rashly asserts that he died without repentance.


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