1 Kings 12:10

1 Kings 12:10

And the young men that were grown up with him, spake unto
him, saying
Gave him the following advice:

thus shalt thou speak unto this people that spake unto thee, saying;
as is said, ( 1 Kings 12:4 )

thus shall thou say unto them, my little finger shall be thicker than
my father's loins;
or, "is thicker" F7 signifying that he had more strength and power than his father had, and that he would make them know it, and they should feel the weight of it, and instead of lessening he would increase their taxes; for also hereby was intimated, that his glory, grandeur, and magnificence, was greater than his father's, especially when he first came to the kingdom, and therefore required the same taxes, or greater, to support it; and perhaps reference may be had to the difference of their age, Solomon being a child, or a very young man, when he came to the throne; whereas Rehoboam was upwards of forty years of age, and capable of judging what was fit to be done, and not to be talked to and treated after this manner, nor to receive the kingdom upon a condition of the people's prescribing.


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