1 Kings 13:2

1 Kings 13:2

And he cried against the altar in the word of the Lord
By his order and command:

and said, O altar, altar;
addressing himself not to Jeroboam, but the altar, thereby reproving his stupidity, the altar being as ready to hear as he; and because that was what moved the indignation of the Lord; and the word is repeated, to show the vehemency of the prophet's spirit, and his zeal against it; though the Jews commonly say it respects both altars, that at Dan, as well as this at Bethel:

thus saith the Lord, a child shall be born unto the house of David,
Josiah by name;
who was not born until three hundred years after this, according to the Jewish writers F1: but it is generally reckoned to be more, even three hundred and fifty or three hundred and sixty years; this is a clear proof of the prescience, predetermination, and providence of God with respect to future events, contingent ones, such as depend upon the will of men; for what more so than giving a name to a child?

upon thee shall he offer the priests of the high places that burn
incense upon thee, and men's bones shall be burnt upon thee;
all which was fulfilled by Josiah, ( 2 Kings 23:15 2 Kings 23:16 2 Kings 23:20 ) , it may be read, "the bones of a man", which the Jews understand of Jeroboam; but may only signify that, instead of the bones of beasts, which were burnt on it, the bones of men should be burnt, and even of the priests themselves; a glaring proof this of the truth of prophecy, and of divine revelation.


F1 Pirke Eliezer, c. 17.