1 Kings 15:18

1 Kings 15:18

Then Asa took all the silver and the gold that were left
in the treasures of the house of the Lord, and the treasures of
the king's house
What was left untaken away by Shishak king of Egypt, ( 1 Kings 14:26 ) , or what he had put there dedicated by his father and himself, ( 1 Kings 15:15 ) and be they either, they were not to be taken, especially the treasures of the house of the Lord, and put to profane use, and particularly to such bad purposes as these were:

and delivered them into the hands of his servants:
to be disposed of as next directed:

and King Asa sent them to Benhadad the son of Tabrimon, the son of
Hezion king of Syria, that dwelt at Damascus;
according to some chronologers F23, Hezion, the grandfather of this Benhadad, is the same with Rezon the first king of Damascus, ( 1 Kings 11:23 1 Kings 11:24 ) , who was succeeded by Tabrimon, and he by Benhadad:

as follows.


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