This chapter gives us a further account of Elijah, of his being obliged
to flee for his life through the threats of Jezebel, \\#1Ki 19:1-4\\,
of the care the Lord took of him, providing food for him, in the
strength of which he went to Horeb, \\#1Ki 19:5-8\\, of the Lord's
appearance to him there, and conversation with him, \\#1Ki 19:9-14\\,
of some instructions he gave him to anoint a king over Syria, another
over Israel, and a prophet in his room, \\#1Ki 19:15-18\\, and of his
finding Elisha, and throwing his mantle over him, who left his secular
employment, and followed him, and became his servant, \\#1Ki 19:19-21\\.