1 Kings 2:1

1 Kings 2:1

Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die
The number of his days fixed and determined by the Lord, ( Job 14:5 ) ; and which might be perceived as drawing nigh, both by himself and others, through the growing infirmities of old age, decline of nature, and various symptoms of an approaching dissolution which were upon him; see ( Genesis 47:29 ) . Abarbinel observes, that he is called only David, not King David; because Solomon his son was now anointed king, and reigned in his stead; so in ( 1 Kings 1:10 1 Kings 1:11 ) ; but there is another reason given by some Jews F14, that no man, even a king, has power in the day of death; he is no king then, he has no rule over that, but that rules over him:

and he charged Solomon his son;
gave him his last and dying charge:

as follows.


F14 Bereshit Rabba, sect. 96. fol. 83. 3.