In this chapter we have an account of Ahab's design to have Naboth's
vineyard, for which he offered him another, or the value of that, but
Naboth refusing to part with it, Ahab fell sick, \\#1Ki 21:1-4\\, the
reason of which being found out by Jezebel, she devised means to get
Naboth put to death under the colour of justice for blasphemy,
\\#1Ki 21:5-14\\, and then bid Ahab go and take possession of the
vineyard, where he was met by Elijah, who denounced the judgments of
God upon him, and Jezebel, and all his family, for his injustice,
\\#1Ki 21:15-26\\, but he humbling himself, the evil threatened was
deferred to the days of his son, \\#1Ki 21:27-29\\.