This chapter relates, that after three years' peace with the king of
Syria, Ahab was inclined to go to war with him, to take Ramothgilead
out of his hands; and he drew in Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to join
him in it, \\#1Ki 22:1-4\\, but before they went into it, they
took advice, Ahab of his four hundred prophets, which Jehoshaphat not
being satisfied with, a true prophet of the Lord, Micahah, was sent
for, \\#1Ki 22:5-14\\ who, when he came, jeered Ahab with what his
prophets had said to him; intimated that he should be killed, and
explained it to him how he came to be deceived by his prophets,
\\#1Ki 22:15-23\\ upon which he was smitten on the cheek by Zedekiah,
one of the false prophets, and imprisoned by the order of Ahab,
\\#1Ki 22:24-28\\, after which the two kings went to the battle, and
Jehoshaphat was in great danger of his life; but Ahab was wounded,
and died, \\#1Ki 22:29-40\\, and the chapter is concluded with an
account of the reign of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, \\#1Ki 22:41-50\\,
and of Ahaziah king of Israel, \\#1Ki 22:51-53\\.