1 Kings 6:2

1 Kings 6:2

And the house which King Solomon built for the Lord
For his worship, honour, and glory:

the length thereof [was] threescore cubits;
sixty cubits from east to west, including the holy place and the most holy place; the holy place was forty cubits, and the most holy place twenty; the same measure, as to length, Eupolemus, an Heathen writer F14, gives of the temple, but is mistaken in the other measures:

and the breadth thereof twenty [cubits];
from north to south:

and the height thereof thirty cubits;
this must be understood of the holy place, for the oracle or most holy place was but twenty cubits high, ( 1 Kings 6:20 ) ; though the holy place, with the chambers that were over it, which were ninety cubits, three stories high, was in all an hundred twenty cubits, ( 2 Chronicles 3:4 ) ; some restrain it to the porch only, which stood at the end, like one of our high steeples, as they think.


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