1 Kings 6:22

1 Kings 6:22

And the whole house he overlaid with gold
Both the holy place, and the most holy place:

until he had finished all the house;
in this splendid and glorious manner:

also the whole altar that [was] by the oracle;
the altar of incense, which stood just before the entrance into the oracle, or most holy place:

he overlaid with gold;
he overlaid it all over with gold; hence it is called the golden altar, and was an emblem of the excellent and effectual mediation and intercession of Christ, ( Revelation 8:3 Revelation 8:4 ) . Agreeably to this account Eupolemus, an Heathen writer F4 testifies, that the whole house, from the floor to the tool, was covered with gold, as well as with cedar and cypress wood, that the stonework might not appear; and so the capitol at Rome, perhaps in imitation of this temple, its roofs and tiles were glided with gold F5; a magnificent temple, like this, was at Upsal in Switzerland, as Olaus Magnus relates F6.


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