1 Kings 6:38

1 Kings 6:38

In the eleventh year
That is, of the reign of Solomon:

in the month Bul, [which is] the eighth month;
from the month Abib or Nisan; this month answers to part of our October, and part of November; it is the same month sometimes called Marchesvan; it had the name of Bul, because of the rains which usually fell in this month, as Kimchi thinks, like a flood; and Noah's flood is called Mabbul, from the same root F9, and when all the fruits were withered, and the leaves were fallen from the trees; or, as Jarchi supposes, because the grass was consumed in the field, and they were obliged to mix provender for cattle, deriving the word from another root F11: in this month

was the house finished throughout all the parts thereof;
the porch, the holy place, and holy of holies, with all the chambers and courts belonging to it:

and according to all the fashion of it;
which David had given to Solomon, to frame it by:

so he was seven years in building it;
and six months, which are not mentioned, only the round number is given, as appears by comparing it with ( 1 Kings 6:1 ) .


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