1 Kings 6:5

1 Kings 6:5

And against the wall of the house he built chambers round
Or near it, as Jarchi interprets it, for the beams of them were not fastened in in it, ( 1 Kings 6:6 ) ; or rather "upon" it F16; and when they are said to be round about the house, it must be understood of the two sides, north and south, and of the west end only, for at the east end, where the porch was, there were none:

[against] the walls of the house round about, [both] of the temple and
of the oracle;
that is, both of the holy and the most holy place:

and he made chambers round about;
the said buildings; which is repeated that it might be observed; how many chambers there were, is not said; Josephus says F17 there were thirty of them, and over them others of the same measure and number, and over them others also; so that there were three stories of them, and in all ninety; and which is countenanced by what follows in ( 1 Kings 6:6 ) , and agrees with ( Ezekiel 41:6 ) ; the Jewish doctors say F18, there were thirty eight of them, fifteen on the north, fifteen on the south, and eight on the west; they that were to the north and south were five upon five, and five over them; and they that were to the west were three upon three, and two over them; upper rooms or chambers were rare in Heathen temples F19: these chambers were for the priests, where they lodged and laid up their garments, and ate their holy things; and were emblems of congregated churches, where the true members thereof, who are priests to God, have communion with him, and partake of divine things.


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