1 Kings 7:6

1 Kings 7:6

And he made a porch of pillars
At the west end of the house:

and the length thereof was fifty cubits;
answerable to the breadth of the house:

and the breadth thereof thirty cubits:
which, added to the length of the house, made it one hundred and thirty:

and the porch was before them;
the four rows of cedar pillars of the house, ( 1 Kings 7:2 ) this porch was either for his guards to keep watch in; or for his courtiers to walk in, sheltered from rain or the like; or perhaps only for grandeur and magnificence:

and the other pillars and the thick beam were before them;
the pillars of the porch, on which were laid beams of cedar for a storey over them, and so on; these were before and right against, and answered to the pillars of the house.