1 Kings 8:6

1 Kings 8:6

And the priests brought in the ark of the covenant of the Lord
unto his place
Destined for it, the like to which it had in the tabernacle:

into the oracle of the house, to the most holy place;
that part of the house where the divine oracle was, the holy of holies; for though into it none but the high priest might enter, and he but once a year; yet in case of necessity, as for the repair of it, which the Jews F19 gather from hence, other priests might enter, as was the case now; an high priest could not carry in the ark himself, and therefore it was necessary to employ others; and besides, as yet the divine Majesty had not taken up his residence in it:

even under the wings of the cherubim;
the large ones which Solomon had made, ( 1 Kings 6:23 ) not those of Moses.


F19 Vid. Maimon. Hilchot Beth Habechirah, c. 7. sect. 23.