1 Samuel 10:14

1 Samuel 10:14

And Saul's uncle said unto him, and to his servant, whither
went ye?
&c.] Since they had been absent so long a time. This was his father's brother, as the Targum, and so Aquila; whose name was Ner, the father of Abner, ( 1 Samuel 14:50 1 Samuel 14:51 ) who met with him at the high place, or found him in the city, in his father's house it may be. Josephus F7 says, Saul went into the house of his kinsman Abner, whom he loved above all his relations, and that it was he that discoursed with Saul, and asked him, the questions before and after related:

and he said, to seek the asses:
he first observes the end of their going, the business they went upon, in which not succeeding, then he answers more directly to the question:

and when we saw that [they were] nowhere;
could not see them, nor find them any where, or hear of them where they went:

we came to Samuel;
at Ramah, to inquire of him, if he could direct us which way to go, and what methods to take, to find the asses.


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