1 Samuel 10:16

1 Samuel 10:16

And Saul said unto his uncle
In answer to his question:

he told us plainly the asses were found;
or "in telling told us" F8; not only plainly in so many words, but he affirmed it with the greatest certainty that the asses were found, and we need not give ourselves further trouble about them:

but of the matter of the kingdom, whereof Samuel spake, he told
him not;
he said not one word about that, which is commonly ascribed to his modesty; or he might conceal it, as Josephus F9 observes, because he thought it would not be believed by his relations, or might create in them envy to him; and besides, he knew it was the pleasure of Samuel that it should be kept a secret until the election by lot was over, lest it should be thought to proceed from Samuel himself; and Saul chose it should remain so, that it might not be thought to be of his own seeking; and by keeping it from his relations and friends, it would be a clear case that he did not make interest for it.


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