1 Samuel 12:20

1 Samuel 12:20

And Samuel said unto the people, fear not
Being destroyed by the tempest:

ye have done all this wickedness;
in asking a king; that is, though they were guilty of so heinous a sin, yet there were grace and mercy with God, and they should not despair of it, so be it that they did not depart from him, but cordially served him; the Targum is,

``ye have been the cause of all this evil;''

the storm of thunder and rain; and though they had, he would not have them despond or indulge slavish fear;

yet turn not aside from following the Lord;
the worship of the Lord, as the Targum; provided they did not depart from the Lord, and forsake his worship, word, and ordinances, they need not fear utter ruin and destruction, though they had been guilty of this sin:

but serve the Lord with all your heart;
if their service of God was kept up, and was hearty and sincere, they might still expect things would go well with them.