1 Samuel 15:35

1 Samuel 15:35

And Samuel came no more to see Saul until the day of his
Or "added not to see him" F24; not that he saw him no more, he saw him afterwards, ( 1 Samuel 19:24 ) , but it was accidentally, he did not go to see him, but Saul came to him; and Abarbinel supposes he might not see him then, but hid his face from him; and he observes that it is said,

until the day of his death;
which intimates, he thinks, that he saw him after his death, when raised up by the witch of Endor; but that Samuel was then really raised, and was seen, wants proof. The meaning of the expression here is no more than this, that Samuel afterwards did not visit Saul as he used to do; he did not go to him, to give him his advice and counsel, as he wonted:

nevertheless Samuel mourned for Saul;
because of his sin, his impenitence, and hypocrisy; and because of the loss of the kingdom to him, and to his posterity; and he might be concerned also about his eternal welfare; for he appears to have a natural affection for him, and was far from envying him as his rival, and rejoicing at his fall:

and the Lord repented that he made Saul king over Israel;
nor was his mind altered, neither by the hypocritical confession of Saul, nor by the cordial prayers and heart of Samuel; see ( 1 Samuel 15:11 ) .


F24 (twarl-Poy alw) "et non addidit ad videndum", Montanus.