In this chapter are recorded the order Saul had from the Lord to
destroy Amalek utterly, \\#1Sa 15:1-3\\ the preparation he made to put
it in execution, and the success thereof, \\#1Sa 15:4-9\\ the offence
the Lord took at his not obeying his order thoroughly, with which
Samuel was made acquainted, and which grieved him, \\#1Sa 15:10,11\\,
upon which he went out to meet Saul, and reprove him; and a long
discourse upon the subject passed between them, the issue of which was,
that by an irrevocable decree he was rejected from being king,
\\#1Sa 15:12-31\\ and the chapter is concluded with an account of
Samuel's hewing in pieces Agag king of Amalek, and of his final
departure from Saul, \\#1Sa 15:32-35\\.