1 Samuel 17:23

1 Samuel 17:23

And as he talked with them
About their health, and the errand he came upon, and the message of his father to them, and how it was with him, who sent them his best wishes:

behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by
of whom see ( 1 Samuel 17:4 ) ; he came out of the valley, and drew near to the mountain the Israelites were descending:

out of the armies of the Philistines:
from the plains where they were encamped, as Kimchi, though they seem to have been encamped on a mountain as the Israelites were; or from the ranks of the Philistines; according to the marginal reading, he came out of one of the battalions that were set in array:

and spake according to the same words;
which he had spoken time after time forty days successively, namely, what is expressed ( 1 Samuel 17:8-10 ) ;

and David heard [them];
and observed them.