This chapter relates how the armies of Israel, and of the Philistines,
prepared for battle, and where, \\#1Sa 17:1-3\\, describes a champion
of the Philistines, who defied the armies of Israel, \\#1Sa 17:4-11\\,
and while he was so doing, it informs us that David came into the
camp, and he heard his words, and signified to one and another his
inclination to fight with him, \\#1Sa 17:12-30\\, which being reported
to Saul, David was sent for by him, and much discourse passed between
them about it, \\#1Sa 17:31-37\\ when we are told the manner in which
he engaged with the Philistine, and the victory he obtained over him,
\\#1Sa 17:38-51\\ upon which the Philistines fled, and Israel pursued
them; and on account of this action David was taken notice of by Saul,
and brought to court again, as the following chapter shows,
\\#1Sa 17:52-58\\.