This chapter gives an account of the respect shown to David by Saul and
Jonathan, by the servants of Saul, and all the people, and of what was
said in his praise in the songs of the women, \\#1Sa 18:1-7\\; which latter
gave Saul a great offence, and upon which he envied him, and eyed him,
and indeed sought his life, and removed him from him; and yet still he
continued the darling of the people, behaving wisely among them, which
greatly embarrassed Saul, that be knew not what to do, \\#1Sa 18:8-16\\; he
proposed his eldest daughter to him in marriage, which he had a claim
to by killing the Philistine, and then he cheated him by giving her to
another, \\#1Sa 18:17-19\\; and then he offered his youngest daughter to
him, on condition that he would bring him an hundred foreskins of the
Philistines, execution of which he thought his life would be exposed to
danger, which yet he performed, \\#1Sa 18:20-27\\; and having the affection
of his wife, and the good esteem of the servants of Saul, Saul was more
afraid of him, and became his enemy, \\#1Sa 18:28-30\\.