1 Samuel 19:3

1 Samuel 19:3

And I will go out
In the morning, at the same time his father used to take his morning walk:

and stand beside my father in the field where thou [art];
on that side of him next to David, that he might not see him, and yet be so near, that David might hear what passed between them:

and I will commune with my father of thee;
speak in favour of him, and endeavour to dissuade him from attempting to take away his life, which was of so much importance and usefulness in the commonwealth of Israel:

and what I see that I will tell thee;
what David could not well hear he would inform him of, and what he could perceive in the countenance of Saul, as well as conclude from his words, that he would make known to David, that so he might know better what he had to do, and provide for his safety.

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