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1 Samuel 20:27

1 Samuel 20:27

And it came to pass on the morrow, [which was] the second
[day] of the month
The Targum is,

``and it was on the day after it, which was the intercalation of the second month;''

when the beginning of the month was judged of by the appearance of the moon, and there was a difficulty about that, what day it appeared on, two days were kept for it; and Abarbinel F5 is clear for it, that two days were kept in this month; but if this was not the case, since the remainder of peace offerings might be eaten the next day, ( Leviticus 7:16 ) . Saul and his guests might meet on the second day for that purpose:

that David's place was empty:
on that day also:

and Saul said to Jonathan his son;
who he knew was David's friend and confident, and could give the best account of him:

wherefore cometh not the son of Jesse to meat, neither yesterday nor
he accounted for his not coming yesterday, because he supposed he might be under some ceremonial uncleanness; but then that only lasted to the evening of that day; but not coming the second day when he was clean, he inquires after him; and not owning him for his son-in-law, by way of contempt, and to lessen him in the esteem of all at table, he calls him the son of Jesse.


F5 Comment. in Exod. xii.
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