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1 Samuel 20:34

1 Samuel 20:34

So Jonathan arose from the table in fierce anger
Resenting his father's attempt to smite him, and his resolution to slay David:

and did eat no meat the second day of the month;
not then at that meal he was just sat down to, nor at another time that day, his stomach was so full through indignation at his father, and grief for his friend David; and besides, being a mourner on the above accounts, he might not eat of the sacrifices:

for he was grieved for David;
that his death should be determined upon by his father, and he in so much danger of it; as also that he himself must be parted from and lose so dear a friend, which was one reason he ate no meat that day: and another follows,

because his father had done him shame;
the copulative "and" being wanting; and this he did by calling him a perverse and rebellious son, and representing him as an arrant fool, and particularly by casting a javelin at him to smite him.

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