1 Samuel 22:10

1 Samuel 22:10

And he inquired of the Lord for him
Which not being expressed before, some have taken it to be a lie of Doeg's, he being charged with lying by David, ( Psalms 52:3 Psalms 52:4 ) ( Psalms 120:2 Psalms 120:3 ) ; but it is not at all improbable that David should desire him to inquire of the Lord for him, and that he did; and he seems to acknowledge it, ( 1 Samuel 22:15 ) ; but according to the Jewish writers Doeg meant by this to prove a charge of treason both against David and Ahimelech; that the former made himself king, and the latter owned him to be so, since inquiry by Urim and Thummim was not made for a private person, but for a king F5:

and gave him victuals;
hallowed bread, loaves of shewbread, which none but priests might eat of; such was his kindness to him:

and gave him the sword of Goliath the Philistine;
which David took from him, and slew him with it. All this was true, but then he acted the deceitful part, with which he is charged in the above psalms, in not declaring how David had imposed upon the priest, by pretending he was sent in haste on the king's business; which was the reason he was so ill provided with servants, food, and armour; which if Doeg had reported faithfully, as he ought to have done, would have saved the credit and life of the priest, and of his family.


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