1 Samuel 23:18

1 Samuel 23:18

And they two made a covenant before the Lord
Renewed the covenant they had before made in the name and fear of God, and before him as a witness of it. Kimchi and Abarbinel interpret this phrase,

before the Lord,
of the covenant being made before Abiathar, with the Urim and Thummim in his hand; and so Jerom F16, before Gad the prophet, and Abiathar who wore the ephod:

and David abode in the wood;
being a proper place for him for secrecy and safety:

and Jonathan went to his house;
in Gibeah; and these two dear and cordial friends never saw one another more, as is highly probable.


F16 Trad. Heb. in lib. Reg. fol. 76. K.