1 Samuel 23:25

1 Samuel 23:25

And Saul also and his men went to seek [him]
Whether the Ziphites returned to him with better intelligence, or sent him word where David was, is not said, however Saul with his army came out in search of him:

and they told David;
or it was told him, that Saul was come in quest of him:

wherefore he came down into a rock;
either into a cave in it, or he came down from the hill Hachilah to a plain or valley, in order to go up to a rock, the same with the mountain in ( 1 Samuel 23:26 ) :

and abode in the wilderness of Maon;
in which was the rock or mountain he came to:

and when Saul heard [that], he pursued after David in the wilderness
of Maon;
for upon the intelligence of the Ziphites, he came out to seek for him in the wilderness of Ziph, but hearing that he was removed to the wilderness of Maon, he pursued him there.