1 Samuel 26:25

1 Samuel 26:25

Then Saul said to David, blessed [be] thou, my son David
He desired God to bless him, and pronounced him blessed himself, believing he would be a happy and prosperous man:

thou shall both do great [things];
he had done great things already, in slaying Goliath, obtaining victories over the Philistines, and escaping the hands of Saul, and keeping out of them with so small a force; and he should do greater things yet:

and also shalt still prevail;
against Saul and all his enemies; the Targum is,

``even in reigning thou shalt reign, and even in prospering thou shalt prosper;''

he believed he would be king, so he had said before, ( 1 Samuel 24:20 ) ;

so David went on his way:
to the wilderness again very probably, putting no trust and confidence in Saul, knowing how fickle and unstable he was:

and Saul returned to his place;
to Gibeah, where his palace was.