This chapter relates that Saul, upon the information of the Ziphites,
went out again with an armed force to seek David, \\#1Sa 26:1-3\\; of
which David having intelligence, and of the place where he pitched,
came with one of his men and reconnoitred his camp, and finding Saul
and his men asleep, took away his spear, and the cruse of water at his
head, and departed, without taking away his life, though solicited to
it by his servant, \\#1Sa 26:4-12\\; which spear and cruse of water he
produced to the reproach of Abner, Saul's general, and as a testimony
of his sincere regard to Saul, and that he had no design upon his life,
\\#1Sa 26:13-20\\; of which Saul being convinced, blessed David, and
returned home again, \\#1Sa 26:21-25\\.