1 Samuel 27:2

1 Samuel 27:2

And David arose
From the place where he was:

and he passed over;
the borders of land of Canaan:

with the six hundred men that [were] with him;
having neither lost any, nor had any added to him, since he was at Keilah, ( 1 Samuel 23:13 ) ;

unto Achish, the son of Maoch, king of Gath;
whether this was the same Achish David was with before, ( 1 Samuel 21:10-13 ) , is not certain; it seems as if he was not the same, since he is described as the son of Maoch, as if it was to distinguish him from him; though it is not improbable that he was the same person. Some think F1 that he is described not from his father, but from his mother, whose name was Maacha. The circumstances of David were now very much altered from what they were when he went to Gath before; then he went secretly, now openly; then as a person unknown, now as well known; then alone, now with six hundred men; then when discovered he was seized by the princes of Gath, and brought before the king, and was driven from his presence; but now he came either at the invitation of Achish, hearing how he had been treated by Saul, and thinking to attach him to his interest, and make him more and more the enemy of Saul, and so free himself from a very powerful one, and of whose wisdom and prudence, and military skill, and courage, and valour, he might hope to avail himself; or David sent an embassy to him, to treat with him about his coming into his country, and settlement in it, and terms to mutual satisfaction were agreed upon.


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