1 Samuel 28:6

1 Samuel 28:6

And when Saul inquired of the Lord
And this being not done truly and heartily, nor continued in, it was as if he had not inquired, and especially after he had inquired of one that had a familiar spirit, as Kimchi observes; for so it is said, ( 1 Chronicles 10:14 ) ;

the Lord answered him not, neither by dreams;
which he dreamed himself, from whence he could not conclude anything relating to the will of God; so the Targum,

``the Lord did not receive his prayer even by dreams;''

or by dreamers, diviners, who pretended to give answers by dreams:

nor by Urim;
there being no priest to consult in this way, Abiathar having fled with the ephod, in which were the Urim and Thummim, to David, ( 1 Samuel 23:9 ) ; though some think that he sent to Abiathar, who was with David, to inquire for him; and others that he made another ephod with Urim, and appointed another priest to consult by them; neither of which are probable:

nor by prophets;
of which there was a school not far from him, even at Naioth in Ramah, of which Samuel in his lifetime was president; but neither by the one nor the other could Saul get an answer from God, who for his sins had departed from him.