1 Samuel 9:14

1 Samuel 9:14

And they went up into the city
Saul and his servant went up the hill to the city of Ramah: and

when they were come into the city;
were within it, within the walls of it;

behold, Samuel came out against them;
came out of a door of his house upon them, just as they came up: or "to meet them" F9; his way to the high place lay where they were coming; unless it can be thought he went out purposely to meet them, having, as in the following verse, an intimation, that about that time one from the tribe of Benjamin, who should be king, would come to him, and so made this his way, knowing that one coming from that tribe must come that way; but it seems most likely that this was his readiest way:

for to go up to the high place;
or place of sitting down, or feasting, as the Targum, (See Gill on 1 Samuel 9:12).


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