1 Samuel 9:17

1 Samuel 9:17

And when Samuel saw Saul
Who could not but take notice of him for his height, and which might give him a suspicion he was the man the Lord had spoken of to him; and the rather, because this was the exact time in which he was to be sent to him, and therefore he fixed his eyes upon him: and that he might be assured it was he, and be left at no uncertainty about it,

the Lord said unto him;
by a still small voice, or by an impulse upon his mind:

behold the man whom I spake to thee of;
yesterday, this is he:

this same shall reign over my people;
be their king, as they have desired: or "shall restrain" F11 them, keep them in due bounds, in the discharge of their duty to God and man; and keep them from doing that which is evil, or walking in evil ways, which is the business of a good king; or who shall restrain them from having their own will, but shall rule over them in an absolute manner, according to his own arbitrary will and pleasure.


F11 (ruey) "cohibebit", Montanus; "continebit", Tigurine version; "retinebit", Drusius; i.e. "coercebit", Piscator.
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