In this chapter the apostle discourses concerning the suddenness of
Christ's coming, and the necessity of sobriety and watchfulness, and
being on our guard with respect unto it, and then proceeds to exhort
to several duties of religion, and closes the epistle with prayers
for the saints, salutations of them, advice unto them, and with his
usual benediction. Having spoken of the coming of Christ in the
preceding chapter, the apostle signifies he had no need to write of
the time and season of it; since it was a well known thing that it
would be sudden, and at an unawares, like the coming of a thief in
the night, and the travail of a woman with child, though certain and
inevitable; and would bring sure destruction on wicked men,
unthought of by them, \\#1Th 5:1-3\\ but such was the state and
condition of the saints, being not in the night of nature's darkness
and unregeneracy, but enlightened by the spirit of God, that they
were not ignorant of these things, nor liable to be surprised
unawares hereby, \\#1Th 5:4,5\\, however, in consideration of their
being in the light, and not in darkness, it became them to behave
accordingly, and not indulge themselves in sleep and sloth, but be
watchful and sober, and on their guard, having on their spiritual
armour, \\#1Th 5:6-8\\ and the rather, since they were not appointed
to the wrath they deserved, but to salvation by Christ; whose end in
dying for them was, that they might live together with him, and
therefore should exhort and comfort, and edify one another,
\\#1Th 5:9-11\\ and then follow various exhortations, some, which
respect their ministers, their knowledge of them, love to them, and
esteem for them, on account of their dignity, office, work, and
usefulness, \\#1Th 5:12,13\\ others, which concern themselves and
one another, as church members, \\#1Th 5:13,14\\ others, which regard
also them that are without, \\#1Th 5:14,15\\ and others which relate
to joy and thanksgiving, to prayer and praise; to the gifts of the
spirit, and the ministry of the word; and to a trial and examination
of what is good, and an abiding by it, and an abstinence from all
evil, and every appearance of it, \\#1Th 5:16-22\\ and the
whole is concluded with prayers for them, for their perfect
sanctification, and entire preservation to the coming of Christ;
which were put up in faith, grounded upon the faithfulness of God
who had called them to grace and glory, \\#1Th 5:23,24\\ and with a
request to them to pray for him, and other ministers of the Gospel,
and to salute all the brethren, \\#1Th 5:25,26\\ and with a charge to
read this letter to them all, \\#1Th 5:27\\ and with his usual
benediction, \\#1Th 5:28\\.