2 Chronicles 11:23

2 Chronicles 11:23

And he dealt wisely
Acted a prudent part, in order to execute his scheme, and particularly by disposing of his other sons in different parts of his kingdom, as follows: or "he made him his son Abijah to understand" F5; he taught and instructed him in the art of government, took a particular care of his education, that he might be fitted for it; and he might instruct him how to behave towards his brethren, for the present and hereafter, as well as towards all the people in general: or "he (Abijah) understood" F6; had more understanding and wisdom than all the children of Rehoboam; though it seems best to interpret it of Rehoboam himself, since it follows:

and disposed of all his children throughout all the countries of Judah
and Benjamin, unto every fenced city;
to be governors thereof, in whose hands he could better trust them than in any other; or else, by thus separating them, they would not be able to enter into combination against Abijah; but then he must at the same time appoint some persons to watch and observe them; or otherwise, having such, strong places in their possession, they might rebel against him; the Targum is,

``he built and repaired the cities, and appointed of all his children throughout all the countries of the house of Judah, to all the fortified cities;''

that is, to have the command of them:

and he gave them victual in abundance;
that they might have no reason to complain, and might be able to hold out a siege against an enemy, should they be attacked:

and he desired many wives;
either for himself, or rather for his son, since he himself had many; or "Abijah desired, or asked F7 many wives" of their parents, or of those who had the dispose of them, in imitation of his father.


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