In this chapter are related the preparations Rehoboam made to regain
the ten tribes that revolted from him, but was forbid making the
attempt by a prophet of the Lord, which he paid a regard unto,
\\#2Ch 11:1-4\\, the fortification of several cities in Judah and
Benjamin for his defence, \\#2Ch 11:5-12\\, the resort of several
priests and Levites to him from Jeroboam, which served to strengthen
his kingdom, \\#2Ch 11:13-17\\, and an account of his wives, and of his
children, and of his disposal of them, \\#2Ch 11:18-23\\.

been at Shechem, and had given his answer to the request of the men of
Israel, upon which they revolted from him: this and the three following
verses are the same with \\#1Ki 12:21-24\\.
\\See Gill on "1Ki 12:21"\\.