2 Chronicles 13:19

2 Chronicles 13:19

And Abijah pursued after Jeroboam
As he and his army fled:

and took cities from him;
the following ones:

Bethel with the towns thereof;
the villages adjoining to it; here one of the calves was set up, which either Jeroboam took care to remove before this place fell into the hands of Abijah, or Abijah let it remain, and did not destroy it:

and Jeshanah with the towns thereof;
which Reland F24 thinks is the same that is called by Jerom F25 Jethaba:

and Ephraim with the towns thereof;
a city so called, thought to be the same that is mentioned in the passage, (See Gill on John 11:54); it is here called, in the Targum, Ephron; so Jerom F26 calls it, and says it was Sichem.


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