2 Chronicles 14:7

2 Chronicles 14:7

Therefore he said unto Judah
To the nobles and principal men of the kingdom:

let us build these cities;
which he, no doubt, particularly mentioned by name, and pointed at; that is, repair and fortify them, and put them into a better condition of defence:

and make about them walls and towers, gates and bars;
which are always made to fortified places, to protect the inhabitants, and keep out an enemy:

while the land is yet before us;
in our power, no enemy in it, nor any to hinder or molest:

because we have sought the Lord our God, we have sought him, and he
hath given us rest on every side;
had set up his pure worship, reformed abuses in it, and removed idolatry from it, and closely attended to the service of the sanctuary, which was well pleasing to God; the happy effect of which they experienced, rest from all their enemies round about them:

so that they built, and prospered;
they began, and went on, and finished, there being nothing to hinder them.