2 Chronicles 2:13

2 Chronicles 2:13

And now I have sent a cunning man, endued with understanding,
&c.] In such things as Solomon required he should, ( 2 Chronicles 2:7 )

of Huram my father's;
a workman of his, whom he employed, and so might be depended upon as a good artificer; though rather Huram is the artificer's name,

and Abi,
we render "my father", his surname, that is, "Huram Abi"; and this is the opinion of several learned men F7, and is very probable; for certain it is, that his name was Huram or Hiram, ( 1 Kings 7:13 ) , and so he is called "Huram his father, or Huram Abif", ( 2 Chronicles 4:16 ) .


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