2 Chronicles 21:19

2 Chronicles 21:19

And it came to pass that in process of time, after the end of
two years
So long he was afflicted and tortured with the above disease:

his bowels fell out by reason of his sickness;
either in like manner as Judas's did, ( Acts 1:18 ) or as in the manner the bowels of Arius are said to do, while sitting on the seat of the vault F1; or perhaps only what was contained in the bowels is meant, if it was the colic:

so he died of sore diseases;
he seems to have had a complication of them, and these very painful and distressing:

and the people made no burning for him, like the burnings of his
as they did for his grandfather Asa, ( 2 Chronicles 16:14 ) , they did not burn spices or odoriferous wood, as the Targum; though his body, because of the stench of it, needed it, as Jarchi observes.


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